SALE ALERT: Fabulous interfacing

Have you ever tried interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply, owned by Pam Erny? Do yourself a favor and order yourself some great interfacing. Forget that cr%#y paper stuff (sold in Joann’s) that masquerades as interfacing. Buy actual fabric interfacing from Pam. You won’t regret it.

I double-heart the woven Shirt Crisp for my husband’s shirt collars and cuffs, and I also use the Pro-Tricot for all my knits. I think I will try out the new Pro-Woven Light Crisp interfacing as a general purpose fusible for medium weight cottons.Hmmm, maybe I need some more Pro-Sheer Elegance too,¬†since I think there may be some lightweight woven cotton in my sewing future.¬†

How about you, dear readers? Have you ever tried Pam’s interfacing? Do share your thoughts!

Happy sewing!


4 Responses to SALE ALERT: Fabulous interfacing

  1. Cindy says:

    Can you tell me how/where you use interfacing for knits?

    Would you use it on parts of a basic T-shirt?

  2. SewMaris says:

    Good question Cindy. If you are making a basic round neck tee – no need for interfacing. If you are doing anything – tee, dress, skirt, etc – that includes a facing – usually you need to interface facings or they are too limp. An example of a good place to use knit interfacing is on the front facings of a knit wrap dress – like this one –

    Hope that helps!


  3. Cissie Wellons says:

    Love Pam’s interfacing! Using hers just once will ruin you on any other kind! Also, she has silk organza for underlining at a great price. It is just as nice as everything she carries.

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