Speaking the Style Arc language

I think it is pretty obvious that I am seriously crushing on Style Arc patterns these days. To date I have completed the Marni Pone jacket, Claudia Stretch Woven pants, and the Ursula Ponte skirt. (Yes, I will post details about these projects before I diesoon.) Still in my to-be-completed queue are the Ziggi jacket and the Lorie jacket. You don’t even want to know how many Style Arc patterns are in the yet-to-be-cut-out pile, but suffice it to say I had to add another pattern storage container. 😉

Collage of Style Arc patterns

One of the things you will immediately notice about Style Arc patterns is their terminology differs from some of the common sewing terms we use in the U.S. I decided to shoot a quick email to the ever-helpful-and-responsive team at Style Arc to clarify definitions. I am sure this list is not comprehensive, so shout out if you have come across some other terms that flummoxed you. The Style Arc term is listed first, and the U.S. equivalent follows.

  1. Flatstitch = Understitch (to secure/control seam allowances)
  2. Bag out =  Turn right side out
  3. Secure stitch = bar tack
  4. Loose stitch = baste (by hand, by machine, or either) with long stitch length
  5. Studs (Ziggi jacket) = Snaps
  6. Cut 1 pair = Cut 2

Don’t let terminology differences or their abbreviated instructions deter you from making these great patterns. I need a Style Arc fan button for my website, dontcha think? 🙂 And if you haven’t jumped into the Ziggi Sew-Along fun going on around here and on StacySews.com, I hope you will come back later and make up this awesome jacket.

Happy sewing!


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  1. OH MY GAH, this is so helpful! I had the hardest time trying to understand why they wanted me to “bag out” something when I was sewing up the Romy anorak!

    • Haha – thanks Ginger! I knew when I was looking at the same word repeatedly in the instructions that likely others were as well. Give a shout if you find any more ambiguous terms and we will add to the list!

  2. Also for “cut 2” it’s “cut 1 pair”.

    What have you discovered about the length of their patterns? I’m currently making the Steffi Jacket and I did not have to add any length to the sleeves and only 2 inches to the body.

    • Awesome – thanks Mary Kay! I have had varied experiences with length. I made the Claudia pants and for the first time in my life did not need to add length. No length added to the Ziggi jacket body or sleeves; same with the Lorie jacket. I think for the Nina cardigan tho I shortened the sleeves.

  3. Yay! Another style arc lover. I have almost Too Many style arc patterns, too. I can’t say I love the instructions but I do love the drafting, the format and the fit. And the sample fabric they send with each pattern,
    There is a glossary on their site, I’m pretty sure. Just one thing though – ”cut one pair’ is not actually the same as ‘cut two’ – cut a pair means cut two that are mirror images ( ie turn your pattern piece over or cut on folded fabric, as for sleeves). If you simply cut two the same you will run into problems!

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