(Re)learning to check the stretch factor

Really. I should know better In fact, I DO know better. But sometimes that does not prevent me from doing something stooo-pid. Like using a super-duper stretchy mesh knit fabric on a pattern designed for fabric with approximately 25% stretch. Without modifying the pattern (enough) to compensate. Sigh. You would think after sewing for over 40 years…grrrr.


The little stretch guide on the back of the pattern envelope shows that this pattern is designed for an inch of stretch for every 4 inches of fabric. Mesh has almost 100% stretch!! I am holding approximately 4 inches of the mesh here:

stretched mesh fabric

Um, yeah. As you can see, I can easily stretch it beyond the end of the pattern envelope.

stertched mesh fabric

 What was I thinking? I am pretty sure I was just captivated by the purple. Or maybe my brain was disengaged the day I decided to mate this fabric and pattern. I really had to laugh the first time I tried it on. GI-normous. My dress form is a bit smaller than I am, but you get the idea. Nothng like a sloppy knit to make a girl feel special!


See how the princess seam for this top fall almost to the outside of my shoulder line?  (My index finger is at the edge of  the dress form)


Sheesh! I  made a few feeble attempts to take in enough so this top didn’t look 4 sizes too big for me, but the effort-to-benefit ratio just did not make it worth my time. It has been quite a while since I threw a garment away, but this one went into the trash. It was one, hot mess of a knit top. Lesson learned, and hopefully not forgotten anytime soon!

Happy sewing!


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