Are you a holiday Scrooge or a busy elf?

Tis the season when many women drive themselves crazy by doing and overdoing to create a “perfect” holiday experience for their families. One where every morsel of food is made from scratch, the house decorations would turn Martha Stewart pea-green with envy, and every perfectly wrapped present has been lovingly handmade.

Been there. Done that. (Well, except for the Martha Stewart look-alike house decorations. 😉 )

How about you this year? Are you sewing until the wee hours of the night for everyone on your list? As your “to-do” list empties, are you just adding more and more tasks? Did the 3 pairs of pajama pants turn into 3 matching sets of pajamas, robe, and slippers?

This year I want our holiday to be about a little less. A little less craziness. A few less cookies. A few less commitments on the calendar. I am yearning to do some slow sewing, some of it by hand. I’d like to design some useful and beautiful items using interesting fabrics combined in unusual ways. For that kind of sewing I need plenty of good blocks of open time and the brain space to visualize and create.

What will make your holiday season special this year? Whatever you need, I hope your wishes come true!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

3 Responses to Are you a holiday Scrooge or a busy elf?

  1. Haha Cindy – we all have a bit of both don’t we? I hope your sewing to-do list is not too long, and you have plenty of time to be with your precious family!

  2. I can’t wait to see what you turn out. My gift list is fairly small – 5 pairs of pj pants only. The rest is done. I hover in the middle – not quite grinchy but not happy elf either. g

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