Bloggin’ in Ashland

My DH and I are off for a few days enjoying our anniversary weekend in Ashland, Oregon. A few plays, some lovely meals, and relaxation are definitely in order.

Fabric of Vision store in Ashland by Sew Maris

Umm, guess what I found? Of course. A darling, eclectic little fabric shop, Fabric of Vision. Just the kind of store I love. Small. Nicely curated. Unique and interesting fabrics. Not.So.Much.About.The.Quilting. Even tho they advertise themselves as a quilt shop and fiber arts gallery, I was thankfullynot overwhelmed by quilty-ness. See all those upright bolts against the wall? Lovely selection of interesting garment fabrics. Also some nice Japanese cottons in the shelves towards the front left corner.

sweater knit fabric by Sew Maris

Can you believe this beautiful sweater knit? Screamed twinset to me, to be worn with jeans, black pants, and black skirts. It is sooooo hard to find relatively stable sweater knits for twinsets in pretty prints. Loads of solids. Loads of stripes. Loads of chevron-y things. Not so many pretty prints. I know I don’t NEED more fabric. But this jumped onto the cutting table and begged me. Begged me to take it home! It was lonely and wanted a good home, so actually it was an act of kindness of my part.


I had a lovely chat with Delaney while browsing thru the fabric selection, and purchasing the sweater knit + a pattern for DGD. So refreshing to meet a young woman who GETS why sewing is cool, and understands fabric. Why buying quality fabric is IMPORTANT. Gives me hope for the universe.

Fabric of Vision store in Ashland by Sew Maris

Check out Fabric of Vision if you are in the Ashland area. I think it is a little gem of a fabric store. It is easy to find, located right on the main drag, E. Main St. Maybe I will have a chance to meet Sandi, the owner, on my next visit.

Happy sewing!






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