Two summer dresses for Oona

Sewing for little ones is so rewarding. Generally projects can be made fairly quickly (OK, unless they are smocked!), they don’t take a lot of fabric, and there are so many cute ways to embellish them. My DGD is now getting old enough (8 months today!) that the sewing opportunities and pleasure will only increase.

I am not one for making PJs and onesies for babies. Not enough enjoyment factor to spend my sewing time this way. But a little onesie with an attached skirt to make it all girly and cute is a totally different story. I had some sweet yellow cotton knit that has been aging in my stash for just such an opportunity. Love this dress!

Yellow cotton knit dress

Sorry for the weird angle on the above shot, but the dress is already on its way to NYC so no chance for a re-shoot. Check out the convenient little attached onesie part. Cool, huh? I think the dress will stay “put” on a wiggly baby who is not yet walking.

Onesie under skirt

Of course the pink dress took more time, but I just love smocked dresses on little girls, especially bishop-style. Oona is going to have a smocked dress in every size at every age – I really hope she likes dresses!

Full view pink cotton bishop

My smocking is not that perfect these days, as I am definitely out of practice. I see that changing soon, though, as Oona is getting into a “prime dress wearing age”. You have to take advantage of this time, since she might hate dresses once she starts school. Hope she and her momma like this one!

Pink smocking detail

LOL! These bloomers are huge! Well, I have enough fabric to make another pair, since I am pretty sure her momma could wear these.  Need this baby to live closer so I don’t have fitting issues. That’s a good reason, right? 😉

Pink granny panties

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen



8 Responses to Two summer dresses for Oona

  1. gMarie says:

    Oh Maris – what beautiful little dresses. Oona is a very lucky girl indeed. g

  2. SewMaris says:

    Gaylen – you are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words. I love sewing for her, and hope to see a picture of her in the dresses soon!

  3. Jane says:

    That style of baby dress with the onesie built in was my favorite when mine were babies. And the smocked dresses are treasures! 🙂

  4. SewMaris says:

    Thanks Jane. I am anxious to see how Erin likes the onesie dress, and will happily make more if the size/style are good for Miss Oona.

  5. Gjeometry says:

    Eeee, these are so cute! LOVED how you smocked that pink dress. My grandma was an expert sewer (sewist, stitcher?) and she smocked all the time. I had so many dresses, shirt, aprons, doll clothes all smocked. I think it’s a lost art that more people should do. Do you teach that in your sewing classes?

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