Too much cuteness!

Morning status

This morning I barely finished my latte and scone before I was in the sewing room working on the polar fleece and leopard fur coat I promised my favorite six year-old. A few days ago I traced the pattern off and cut out the polar fleece pieces – but I hadn’t cut the leopard trim yet. Note the gi-normous roll of leopard fur above. Only about 25 times more than I need for my coat project! But since I got this large remnant from a dungeon sale on Ressy’s coop, the price was right and the rest will be put to some yet-to-be-determined use in the future. 

This pattern couldn’t be any simpler.  A back, two fronts, two sleeves, and 2 front facings out of the fleece, and then the collar, cuffs, and hem edging out of the leopard fur. Easy peasy. I had the coat totally done (minus the rose appliques) by 12:30! I was in the mood for instant gratification today, and I definitely got some! I didn’t get back to the hat until after dinner, but it was cut out and stitched up in a flash. The instructions called for iron-on interfacing and a lining. Bah humbug. I made a couple of million fleece hats when my kids were young – and none of them were lined or interfaced. Besides, how many six year-olds do you know who can keep track of a hat for more than a few weeks? Right – none – so no way was I going the extra mile on hat construction.

Seriously, can you stand the cuteness? I wish I had a picture of my favorite six year-old in this adorable hat and coat….maybe next week!

Coat and hat

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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  1. Thanks Cindy – I did make the buttons. I had so much fun with this project! It totally took me back to the days when my girls were small and I got to make adorable things like this all the time!

    Happy sewing!


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