Time warp at SewMaris

Where did this week go?

  1. I have not quit blogging.
  2. I am not sick.
  3. No one in my family has died.
  4. I have not worn myself down to a nub gardening (thanks only to the PNW Rain God).
  5. I have been teaching (lots!).
  6. I have been sewing (lots!).
  7. And no, the christening dress is not *quite* done.

I have just been a little too busy around here! It certainly can’t be my diminishing ability to juggle the number of things I take on, now could it? Next week I should be back to my semi-regular blogging rhythm. Anyway, today is the real “finish the christening dress” day. Yesterday was the practice one. 😉

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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