Run, don’t walk, to your computer and order one of these FANTASTIC thimbles. I soooo wish I had had one of these when I was working on my Chanel jacket. I have tried many, many different thimbles over the years, and virtually all of them were either  too big, too small, covered the wrong part of my finger, slipped off constantly, or the needle slipped off the surface instead of going thru the fabric. Good tools are critical to enjoying the sewing process, and this thimble is seriously awesome.

I purchased mine at SewExpo, but you don’t have to wait till next year to get yours. Just visit, download the sizing template, and place your order. PQF Thimbles come in 16 different sizes, so you can be pretty much guaranteed you will find one that fits your finger. I know. Twenty-five dollars seems extravagant for a thimble, but I have probably spent twice that over the years for ones that did not help my hand-sewing or prevent finger pricks at all. Go ahead and get one. You are worth it. 🙂


Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

2 Responses to Thimble-ina

  1. Way cool. Question…when you are hand sewing, which finger do you put the thimble on? My hand sewing skills are lousy, here’s to hoping it’s because I have the thimble on the wrong finger? 🙂

  2. Cindy, I put it on the middle finger of my right hand (I am right-handed) – and that is the finger I use to “push” the needle thru the fabric. This thimble has nice deep grooves to really hold the needle in place while pushing, which is really helpful. I know it seems very expensive, but boy do I love mine!


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