Stitch magazine commentary

Have you taken a look at Stitch, a fairly new (Nov 2008) magazine published by Interweave? I can say it is fairly new since it is only published twice a year, so their spring 2011 issue is their sixth publication.  They are switching to a quarterly publication schedule tho – which is a win for us readers IMHO!

I seriously heart this magazine. There is a LOT of eye candy project inspiration for designer types, and I was able to get a mini-sewing fix reading this magazine when I was too tired to actually sew.  I think my favorite project was the Chipmunk Hot Pad designed by Ayumi Takahashi – too much cuteness! I also loved the recycled asymmetrical sweater by Kirsten Coplans – very simple and achievable – but also nicely designed.

The project article format is nice – usually a single page with a short description of the item and the name of the designer. Great photography, and I like the way the designers are always highlighted. There is a good variety of projects – from home dec to sewn jewelry to inspired clothing. Most projects are quite appealing, and I could either envision making it for myself or using the technique in another application. I really like seeing what other designers are doing with fabric and thread – some serious fun going on here! 

The technique articles are a little ho-hum if you are a Threads reader and a more advanced sewist, but I think for a beginning sewist they may be just right.  Overall, this magazine is definitely worth the money in my book. Check it out, and tell me what you think!

Happy sewing,

Maris Olsen

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