Sniff. No joke!

Yep, after a cold and flu-free winter season, I have succumbed. Sniff. Cough. Blow. Repeat.

I apologize for the last 2 weeks of intermittent blogging. Prepping for my sewing retreat last week threw me off rhythm, and this week it’s been this dang cold. I plan to be over it in one big fat hurry, and back to my usual self by, err, tomorrow! Or next week for sure. At least now I know why I have been dragging around the past couple of days. I definitely have not been interested in sewing, ¬†or much else for that matter.

I hope someone out there has a happy sewing weekend! Sniff!


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  1. So sorry. My boy’s been sick for a week now…this is the kid who usually gets a cold and 16 hours later is “all better”. Take care.

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