2011 Sewing resolutions

Forget about dieting and exercise resolutions, what are your sewing goals for 2011? Do you want to teach yourself a new skill, take a special class, sew more frequently, make a tailored garment? Here are some of my goals for 2011, though of course I will add/update throughout the year:

  1. Actually use my sewing machine covers regularly (achievable, right?)
  2. Attend ASG Conference (plenty of cheap flights SEA -> LAX, no excuse NOT to go!)
  3. Finish my Chanel jacket (sooooooooooooo close!)
  4. Make a new basic pants pattern for myself (part-way there…..)
  5. Make a new basic pants pattern for my youngest DD (also part-way there…..)
  6. Complete a tailored jacket for myself, using my notebook from Judy Barlup’s “Japanese Tailoring” class taken *oh so long ago*
  7. Sew a minimum of 20 hours/month in 2011 (am I really going to track this???)
  8. Sew at least 1 item that is “just for fun” every month (a cute pincushion, a pretty scarf, an organizing item of some kind, etc)

What about you? I’d love to hear your sewing goals, and maybe we can even motivate each other throughout the year to actually achieve most of them!

Happy 2011, and happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

10 Responses to 2011 Sewing resolutions

  1. For several years running, I kept a poster-size year calendar–the kind with big date boxes to write stuff–in my sewing room. Every time I completed a project, I would tape a little 1″ scrap to the calendar. It gave me a sense of accomplishment to look at it, and I was able to track my sewing progress visually. Later, I added the idea of putting a star sticker on the calendar each day that I sewed, regardless of whether I finished anything (If you changed your “20 hours” to “10 days,” you could easily track it on a calendar).

    You could do the same thing in a journal, but the wall calendar is immediate and inspirational.

    Happy sewing in the new year!


  2. Hello, Maris. I’m glad to know about your blog. Now that we are no longer neighbors, I can still keep in touch with you re sewing, etc. I don’t really have sewing resolutions. I just want to continue to refine my t-shirt pattern using PMB v5, to refine a pair of yoga pants using PMB v5, and to teach an ASG NG in Tucson how to make shrugs. I’m also starting to volunteer with an agency that helps refugees here in Tucson. I have been asked to teach people how to sew both for their families and to make a little money. That should be interesting. I hope we both achieve at least some of our goals!

    • Good luck teaching Paula – I am getting quite a few students and findit “sew” rewarding! Passing along this wonderful skill to another generation is a gift. Good luck, Mills sister!

  3. For a number of years whenever I created anything I took a photo. When I had collected enough images In printed out a full sheet of 1 1/2″ squares to glue in my At-A-Glance planner. It was like having a visual art gallery to wander through at the end of the year full of my creativity. Lots of DOL photos, art retreats and other assorted art-making. A very manageable form of scrapbooking.

  4. I am a lurker on GThreads, went to the Philly retreat, ’05? Anyway, glad to hear about your blog and your resolutions! I just made a list today plus a schedule. I love lists and schedules, don’t always follow them, but they give me hope:) I have so many fabric projects I want to create this year, can’t wait to get started. Do you knit?

    • I do knit Joye, although I have not been too productive with my yarn lately. I made several baby sweaters and other items this past year for friends of my daughters, but nothing too major. I hope we can all encourage one another to accomplish our lists. And have the freedom to revise them as necessary! Hope to hear mroe from you…huggs!


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