Scallop, a definition

Anne Adams 4571 Side Button Asymmetrical Scallop Dress
Scallop: decorative edging: an ornamental undulating edging, especially in fabric
Source: Encarta World Dictionary

Do you love scallops? Hate them? Feel mostly indifferent towards them? Ever used them? I have not used this edging on any of my clothing, though I have used them on clothing for my daughters when they were younger. I am thinking they might be a nice vintage, girly touch to something in my closet, too.  And they look so summery and fresh! What are your thoughts?Happy sewing!

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  1. I love the waist on this dress. The scallops are not my thing, but I could see them working well on you. Very lovely vintage!

    • Thanks Jane! I am in a vintage phase so they rather appeal to me. I thnk I will have to find a good application of them on agarment for me. Definitely easier to get it right for a little girl!

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