To pin, or not to pin?

Although I am hardly a minimalist in most areas of my life, I am very spare when it comes to pinning. Putting lots of pins in a garment is just a time waster, in my opinion. You should never sew over pins; it can blunt your needle tip and it is also very likely to cause the stitching line to be crooked. Removing pins takes time, so the more pins you have used the slower you will sew. Horrors! If youa re a fan of industrial sewing techniques, nix the pins.

For example, if I am working on a jacket or top, and stitching from the side hem edge to the sleeve edge, I use 3 pins, max. Sometimes 1 or 2. I always put 1 pin at the underarm edge to match the sleeve seams, and then I might put one at the start of the seam and most likely will add one at the end of the seam. That’s it. Line up those seam edges, apply a little tension to keep the seam smooth and the edges aligned, and STITCH. Stop as necessary and adjust your hand placement further along the seam. Be sure to remove the underarm seam pin. See? Much faster and more satisfying to stitch rather than to pin!

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