Memorial Day is evidently not a sewing day


The weather was just too good Monday around here, and my DH and I decided to take our funny little pooch on a short hike instead of hanging around the house doing chores. It needed to be a short hike because he has short legs, and because I am not exactly in prime hiking condition either.

Twin Falls, about 45 minutes east of our house, fit the bill perfectly. It is only about a 2 hour hike, some flat parts and plenty of switchbacks to help cut the elevation. The big payoff is the beautiful lower Twin Falls, and a super cool bridge across the river. During construction, the bridge span had to be lifted into place by helicopter! Super-pooch Toby thought his nature experience was fantastic. Lots of new places to sniff and explore, even though he had to be on the leash the whole time. Probably wise or he might have gone over the trail edge while exploring.

All this to say, no sewing was accomplished on Memorial Day, but a fun family time was definitely enjoyed by all. Somehow we managed to forget to snap a pix of the pooch, but trust me, he was with us.


Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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