McCalls fall fashions inspire….yawns

I can’t wait for new sewing pattern catalogs to come out.  As anyone who has been to my sewing studio knows, I LOVE to collect patterns. I love getting all inspired by new possibilities….it can be so much more stimulating than working thru a fitting or construction issues on an actual garment! New patterns are all about creativity, options, and the design process of combining patterns, trims, and fabric into a unique garment. What’s not to love!

The fall McCalls pattern collection has been out for a week or more, and I have looked at it several times online. I have been trying in vain to find something I like, but I just don’t think it is to be this season. IMHO, the collection does not include a single Misses garment that hasn’t been done before, and frankly, been done better!

For example, do you see anything new or interesting in this sheath dress?


This dress is, well, sort of, OK, except it feels a little mod squad 60’s to me. Maybe it is the boots on the model? Nah, it is the whole thing. The bands on the cap sleeves, the trim on the zippers….just not really feeling it. Sigh.


I love me a cute jumper. They are comfortable and make me feel all school girlish. But this one….shudder.


Too bad we haven’t seen a couple of hundred patterns already for fitted, tapered pants.


It is certainly unusual when I can’t find a single pattern to love in a new collection. I even tried and failed for “like”. Guess I am sitting this one out, McCalls. I hope Vogue and Butterick come up with someone more enticing.

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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  1. Very disappointing, Lizz. It just looks like they put a minimal amount of time and effort into this collection. Oh well, maybe they will knock our socks off in the spring! 🙂

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