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I admit it. I am going a little nuts. Well, I am perfectly entitled since my eldest DD is pregnant with my FIRST GRANDCHILD! And it’s a girl! I am holding back (momentarily) on making baby clothes so I can concentrate on getting a few maternity outfits made for said DD. She lives in New York, and in case you missed the news lately, it has been wicked hot back east.

ANYWAY….the patterns are pretty awful for maternity clothes, so I have been trying to spice things up a little for her.  She is a freelance photographer, so she doesn’t need a wardrobe of office appropriate clothing. Instead, she mostly needs comfy clothes to work from home, with a few “client suitable” ensembles. I think this blue and green plaid sleeveless top looks pretty darn cute with blue, green, yellow and cream binding and red piping detail. What do you think? 












Back when I was pregnant with same DD, my favorite maternity clothes were made by Japanese Weekend. I especially loved their knit pants, which had a wide elastic band that went UNDER the baby bump, and they were super comfortable. Of course, no such pattern exists, so I made an attempt to copy that styling on these white stretch denim shorts. There was no pregnant mama here for fittings, so there was some serious winging it going on, but at least they look like they theoretically could fit her! 😉









Awww, somebody else in the family wanted to be featured in the blog today. Or at least couldn’t be bothered to get out of the shot!












Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen




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  1. Your daughter is so lucky to have such cute maternity clothes. Have you started sewing for the baby yet? I can’t wait to see all the darling clothes you’ll make!

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