Leaving on a jet plane…

…tomorrow morning for the ASG conference in Los Angeles. Time permitting, I will try to post about the fun classes I am taking and the awesome sewing nerds I hope to meet. Until I return on the 22nd, the blog may be a little quiet.

Here is a little eye candy for the next week – my very own Rocketeer! Saaaaaa-weeeeeeeeeeeet!

Singer 500, also known as the Rockeeter. Bet you are SO jealous!
Happy sewing!
Maris Olsen

2 Responses to Leaving on a jet plane…

  1. Of course you do! My favorite dealer in the Seattle area!!

    Gave her a little spin this afternoon, but lettingher rest up from the trauma of neglect. She will get lots of love when I get back from LA.

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