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Well, I am physically (if not exactly mentally) back from my very first ASG Conference. It was really, really, REALLY great. I took an all-day jeans fitting workshop with Jennifer Stern last Thursday (pictured above), and then Friday thru Sunday I took 3 workshops each and every day. What a great collection of instructors and sewing nerds! It was just as informative and fun to talk with women from all around the country as it was to hear what the teachers shared in ther lectures and demos.

I think my favorite class turned out to be Susan Lazear’s Working with Your Pattterns for Fit and Creativity. I switched into this class on Sunday at the last minute, and boy am I glad I did. Susan is AWESOME. She owns Cochenille Design Studio, and developed a nifty software program titled Garment Designer to help women with fit and styling issues. I really dug her logical, analytical approach to improving fit using commmercial patterns, and hope to be implementing some changes in my processes based on her recommendations. 

So now it is back to dishes, toilets, cooking, and taking care of the pooch. Ah well, LA was great while it lasted, and you will be hearing more (much more!) on this subject very soon.

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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  1. I’d love to hear more about the cochenille software. I’m such a geek! I played around with the wild ginger demo, but couldn’t get enthused. Welcome back!

    • I know! I am a total geek too, and I will post a little more about the software soon. Susan also graciously agreed to do a guest blog post, so I will have her describe more about the benefits and features. I also am not a Wild Ginger fan….but that could be lack of experience. Have fun sewing in the last few days of summer!

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