Hot fashion for my favorite six year-old


You asked for it – and here she is – the cutest six year-old in the world in her stylin’ new outfit. I had so much fun making this coat and hat for her, and she was soooo appreciative that I wanted to immediately go cut out something else for her. If she didn’t already have a closetful of clothes I would sew constantly for her.

Thanks to her beautiful and wonderful mom for taking and sharing these darling pictures! I think she was having a fun day at the park, and for sure she was the most stylish girl there.



Now go sew something adorable for a cute little girl or boy in your life – happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

4 Responses to Hot fashion for my favorite six year-old

  1. This is the adorable girl’s aunt Carrie. That is the cutest outfit! I love it. It is so sweet that you made it for her. I know both the girls love you! Thanks for loving them!


  2. Hey Maris,
    This is the adorable girl’s eldest aunt 🙂 What HIGH fashion! I assume you designed it. Thanks for blessing her!

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