Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tee-shirt Class prep

I hope you got something sweet from your special valentine – I did! And predictably, I did not get much sewing done this weekend as I was prepping for my Take Your Tees to Terrific class at Pacific Fabrics yesterday. Please note my fancy-pants handouts above, complete with stitch samples! 

BUT, I did have a giggle-fest in my sewing room while I was up-cycling a sweater for a class demo project. I forgot to take a picture of its original incarnation, but it was close to the Land’s End crewneck sweater shown below. You know the style. You still have some in your closet, right? <giggle!>


I wanted students to see how to take a garment that is not very interesting, or maybe has a stain or rip you need to hide or remove, and end up with something fun and funky.  I must have been channeling Laverne in Happy Days with the swirly-girly bow I made from the neck ribbing, but I thought my upcycle turned out cute. Seriously cute, in fact! And since it was a $7 purchase from a consignment shopping trip with DD#2, I felt free to experiment and play. What do you think? Like it?


I even salvaged the sleeves for some arm warmers, and the cuff for, well, a cuff! I think with a few buttons or beads added the cuff would be even cuter…I will get that done before shipping it off to DD #2.

Warmers and Cuff

I think I just accomplished #8 on my 2011 Sewing Resolutions – “have fun with sewing”!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Hi Maris! You left me this page to visit at my blog yesterday… this sweater refashion is AWESOME! I love it! Is that just serging around the edges? I can see a little of LaVerne in the design but I also see a little Flashdance too–and I think both styles are great things to channel. 🙂

    Really, really cool repurpose. Did your students like it? Thanks for sharing it!


    • Thanks Jenny! I had sooooo much fun making this new garment! It is not serging -it is just a zigzag stitch because I didn’t have enough thread in the color I wanted to serge. Lame excuse, but true! Flashdance – you are right! I totally did not think of this. And yes, my students loved it, too. I am going to send it to my college student daughter, since we bought it together at a thrift store I think she will enjoy wearing the finished garment. Cheers!


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