Get over it


Getting coverstitching to look professional on knit fabric, especially synthetic knits, is just not that easy. At least not on my Bernina 2000 DCE. I have to stabilize, baste, pin, and fiddle – all things I don’t really enjoy. Well, tough. That’s what it takes to make this stitching even and straight. Everytime I try to skip any of those steps I regret it, and end up ripping. Something I like even less than basting!

That was pretty much the story with the purple tennis skirt one of my students made, and I hemmed. Or attempted to hem anyway. The first pass on the coverstitch looked HORRIBLE. Too ugly to photograph horrible. I did add one layer of water soluble stabilizer, but did not baste, and I also decided to try to go around the entire hem including the 2 side slits without breaking the stitching. Yes, that’s right. I tried to turn corners with my coverstitch. Clearly I was a little delusional.  

Sigh. Take 2 included the following steps:

1. Measuring hem allowance, pinning and basting in place


2. One layer of water soluble stabilizer on top, and a second layer on the botton


3. Take another look at the lovely result when I follow all the necessary prep steps. The ones I don’t really like. Well, I just need to get over myself. All those steps are important and necessary to a professional looking finished product on my coverstitch machine. What about your experience? Do you have a faster, easier way to get a good looking coverstitch? I’d love to hear about it – post a comment and let me know your tricks!


Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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  1. I have a Brother CS machine and usually I love it to death but just recently I’ve been having a few troubles, depending on the knit of course. I’ve found using spray starch (quite a lot) so that the fabric becomes quite firm usually helps a lot. I suppose it gives a similar outcome to the layers of solvy. I also quite often use a water soluble glue stick (blue sticks we have here in Australia) to stick down the hem rather than pins. It’s easier to sew, the needle doesn’t get gummed up at all and the glue just washes out in the first wash.

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