Easy ruffly tee


 I think half of my friends in ASG have made a tee shirt using the new “pre-ruffled”  knit fabric available in lots of fabric stores, so I had to get on the bandwagon too. I am reasonably happy with it, especially as a quick little summer tee. I used Kwik-Sew 3263 (OOP) – a basic raglan sleeve tee with a fairly wide, almost “sabrina” neckline. I was a little concerned the neckline might be too wide before I added the trim…but it is fine.

I decided I am not crazy about this material. It’s not the print – I like the print just fine. I also definitely like the foldover black elastic trim I used on the neckline.  (I especially like it because I bought it at Mokuba in Paris, so I will remember our fun trip every time I wear this shirt. 🙂 )


What bothers me is the base fabric the ruffles are attached to is kinda, well, sleazy. I decided to lettuce edge the sleeve and shirt hems since I thought that would be complimentary with the ruffles. Makes sense, right? I folded (more like “rolled up”) the cut hem edges and stretched it under a zigzag stitch. It ruffled OK, but was kinda hard to handle and this process caused the fabric to run in a few places (yes, like pantyhose). I don’t think it is going to really show since it is under a ruffle, but it still kinda bugs me.


Anyway, I am pretty sure I am over-thinking this project. It’s going to get some hanging time in the closet and hopefully when I toss it on some morning I will just enjoy the fun abstract black dot fabric and ruffles.

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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