Easter dress diversion


I am procrastinating about working on my bustier project. Maybe because I got so far behind in the online class…I don’t know. At any rate, I wanted to work on a quick and simple project for a kid. Lucky me, I have two darling children in my life that I can sew for. Since I made the purple leopard coat for my favorite six year-old, it was time for some sewing love for my favorite nine year-old.  An Easter dress! Boy, this project brought back so many memories of late nights and stolen moments to finish up FOUR Easter outfits. Well, that was back in the day. 🙂

My favorite nine year-old could have been the heroine for the princess and the pea. Anything that remotely scratches, binds, or touches can cause discomfort and “I’m not wearing that.” Fair enough, we all like to be comfortable in our clothing, for heaven’s sake. With this in mind, I picked a pattern without a defined waist (tummy is an especially sensitive area), bought some lovely soft blue print cotton for the dress, and lined it with pale pink cotton batiste to reduce any potentially scratchy spots (like zipper edges).


Quick to make up. Pretty as a picture. Nicely finished inside. And a bubble skirt hem! What’s not to like? I’ll find out tonight, since all mothers know that our verdict about clothing does not always match the child’s assessment. Luckily, since I am not her mother I have a tiny (very tiny!) advantage and sometimes get a bit of a pass where her own mother would not. Here is a close-up of the front pleating, and the sweet little cap sleeves.


I am going to try to get a flower pin made as well as a matching headband. A girl’s gotta be properly accessorized, after all. Wish me luck!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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