I finished the jacket with almost no time to spare. Sometime in the future the buttons are going to get changed out, and probably another set of small pockets added on top of the current large-ish ones. But for now I am calling it DONE. Amazing how sick to death of a garment one can become after handling it almost non-stop for a couple of weeks!

Tomorrow I’m off to Sew Expo for the day at the Western Washington State Fairgrounds. My local sewing guild, Greater Seattle ASG, is hosting a banquet tomorrow night and I gotta look sharp. That’s why all the intense effort to finish the jacket. And the Anna Sui blouse. And the black wool crepe “fishtail back” skirt. No dirty jeans and tees will do, my sewing girl friends are expecting something a little better from me!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

4 Responses to And DONE!

  1. hi Maris–
    the jacket is gorgeous!
    a question, not really about the jacket, but about the body it’s on: what kind of dress form do you have? do you recommend it?

  2. Hi Sharan!
    Thanks so much! And yes, I would definitely recommend my PGM dress form. I love it and can’t believe how long I sewed without one. It fits my bone structure very well – tho I should add more padding to the waist and hips. I keep dreaming about losing more weight -LOL! ANyway – their website is Do it! You will be glad you did.


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