Celebrate June 13th!


There was a post on the Burda Style blog marking today as the day the sewing machine was invented. Hmmm. I am not sure how accurate this date is.  The patent process and the the definition of “sewing machine” is a little more complicated than positing that said machine was “invented” on a single day, but what the heck. I am splitting hairs here. I want to celebrate sewing machines, and I guess a somebody had to declare some day as “the day”, so let’s be happy today that we have sewing machines.

The background story on the Burda article is really more about the evolution of the Bernina sewing machine company. This is something which is definitely near and dear to my heart, as I am a dedicated Bernina snob (full disclosure – I own 5 Bernina machines). My original 830 is 36 years young, and going strong. I can’t even count all the garments, box cushions, mending, and more I have made on this little gal. I also have a newer machine, a Bernina 1260, which has a fantastic automatic buttonholer, more embroidery stitchhes, and a very handy “needle down” function. I also have a Bernina 2000 DE serger, and a 2000 DCE coverstitch serger. I will be picking up my late mother’s Bernina 830 from my brother later this week, rounding out my Bernina collection to 5. I also own a Singer Featherweight, which is a great little machine, but it is currently residing in Brooklyn with my DD.

Whatever machine you own or aspire to own, give thanks today that Elias Howe, Isaac Singer, Karl Friedrich Gegauf, and other early pioneers persevered so that we can enjoy the  benefits of modern sewing machines today. Yay! 

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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