The butterfly that got away


Doesn’t this dress just scream Easter and springtime? It is soooo sweet. Too bad a certain little six year old decided to cut a hole right in the front of the skirt. Ouch! Remember my post the other day about trying to find yellow seersucker? Yep, it was for this repair job.

It was a cinch to fix the cut in the skirt. First, I ironed on some lightweight interfacing on the back side of the skirt over the cut to stabilize the fabric.  Then I set my zig-zag stitch at a 4W and 1 or 1.5L, and stitched away.

Back side showing the interfacing:                            Front zig-zag stitching under the butterfly:


Since I was not able to find the yellow seersucker, I used a small yellow gingham to make the applique. I ironed a piece of StitchWitchery onto the gingham, and then applied a piece of white cotton to the back and ironed all the layers together. Next I traced around an existing butterfly to get the shape and size, and then added a satin stitch zigzag around the outside edges of the buttefly. The final step was to center the butterfly over the mended cut, and satin stitch down the middle for the antennae, head, and body. My machine does not have a zigzag setting as wide as the one used on the dress, but I think it is close enough for a little girl’s dress. It’s not 100% perfect, but it is cute and definitely makes the dress wearable again. Hopefully the kids in her class will think it passes muster. 🙂


Happy sewing, and Happy Easter!

Maris Olsen

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  1. A perfect Easter Redemption story! The 6 year old looked fabulous in her wonderful dress! And the butterfly is just so sweet! As is your willingness to use your talents to help.


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