Tutorial: How to Hem Jeans (and Stop Paying For Hemming Alterations)

If you own a decent sewing machine, all you need to do is buy a couple of inexpensive tools and you will be all set to hem your own jeans and casual pants. As a matter of fact, you could quickly start charging your friends to do their hemming alterations!

Video Tutorial: How to Hem Jeans by Sew MAris

Here are the tools/supplies you will need:

  1. Size 100 Jeans needle
  2. Jean-a-majig
  3. Denim or topstitching thread to match the garment
  4. Scissors
  5. Sewing machine

Watch this video to learn just how easy it is to properly hem a pair of jeans. You’ve got this, peeps!!



Happy sewing!


15 Responses to Tutorial: How to Hem Jeans (and Stop Paying For Hemming Alterations)

  1. Hi Maris: I watched your video on pant hemming, but think it only applies when the pant is waaaaay too long!
    My daughter tells me that the alterationists, don’t remove any fabric when shortening pants several inches. They do a series of folds, and then apparently stitch in the ditch, and voila, a new hem.
    I would love to know how to do this simple hemming method.

    • Hi Phyllis,
      I know about the technique you are describing, but I don’t use it. IMHO you can see the fold from the outside of the pant leg, and I prefer the technique I described here. To each his own, right? Happy sewing!

  2. We did alterations and pants shortening at the Bridal Store I owned and always cut the pants off before hemming. With jeans you can never let them down should you want to change the length because the fold line always shows. That way is too bulky at the bottom and they rarely hang properly.

  3. Hello, one question regarding the cutting of fabric. Do you find that the hem looks best when you have a straight cut or do you round it a little? I scored several pairs of jeans from a boutique that are WAY too long for me and plan on wearing these for work, so I would like them to look professional.


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