Tutorial: Gather successfully!

Let’s face it, gathering fabric can be a pain. Especially if the fabric you are using is a heavier weight than say, quilting cotton, or if you have yards and yards of it to be gathered for a home dec project.

Even on small projects, I have found that young sewists struggle to gather without breaking threads halfway through. This common sewing frustration led to the creation of this video. I hope you enjoy it!



Happy sewing!


7 Responses to Tutorial: Gather successfully!

  1. Would you continue this lesson by showing the gathered fabric EVENLY unto a garment.

    I sometimes have problems with gathers bunching up or laying kitty-rumpus (avery tech term…) to the vertical or unevenly…my bane sometimes.

    Sue (Pacific Fabrics)

    • That is just music to my ears, Judi! Glad I could help, and definitely keep sewing! It’s just like riding a bike-it will all come back to you. Carry on!

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