Time-saving tool?

Y’all know how much I love good tools.  Almost as much as I love high quality fabric. And conversely, there is almost nothing I hate more than a crappy tool. And that is just what I was asked to evaluate last week. A big waste of $10.

Color me surprised when I listened to my voicemail last week, and heard, “Hello, this is Jesse Jones from KING-5 TV, and I would like you to help me evaluate a sewing tool for one of my  “Let Jesse Buy It” segments.” WA-HAAAT? Jesse Jones wants to interview me and get MY opinion about a sewing product? Who the heck am I to be doing such a thing, I ask you?

It sounded like a barrel of fun to me, and indeed it was. They came. They filmed. They filmed some more. Took more than 2 hours for a few seconds of usable footage, but both Jesse and Brad, his camerman, made it all enjoyable. The final analysis? Don’t waste your money. I think the packaging cost more to produce than the package contents. If you want to see my short-lived TV career, check out the video below. And no, this was not my TV debut. I was on JP Patches when I was in the first grade. 🙂

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