Quick Tip Tuesday: Yes, I DO write on my clothes

Fabric marking tools shown on shirt sleeve

I confess. I love to write on my clothes. It helps me align pattern pieces that do not have the same seam allowances, stitch straight lines when my machine stich plate guide is not accessible, match points on garments, and much more. My two favorite tools: Frixion pens and Chakoners!

Do you write on your clothes? What is your favorite tool?

Happy sewing!


4 Responses to Quick Tip Tuesday: Yes, I DO write on my clothes

    • I love my Friixon pens, Cactus! I like my Chakoners too – use those sometimes – but it depends on what is going to show up best on the fabric I am working with.

  1. Hi Pattern Review highlighted member Maris! see you soon at Sewexpo Banquet, yes?

    I love those frixxon pens but have noticed they leave a fine white residue on some darker fabrics. I think it washes away but haven’t taken the time to actually test this. I noticed residuals marks on a blue cotton shirt, but luckily the marks seem to have faded. Have you noticed this too? it’s left after ironing, not bleached but a definite white or lighter residual mark. maybe my iron was too hot?

    • Hi Leah!! Yes, you will see me at Sew Expo Banquet,and yes I have noticed these marks but they have washed away in my experience. Sometimes I use my Chakoner – it just depends on the fabric and what will show up best. Interesting point about the heat – maybe I will research this. Take care, and see you soon!

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