Quick Tip Tuesday: Thread is Not Forever

As a sewing educator, I see students bring in, ummm, some interesting examples of thread. It is always interesting to me that people will spend XX dollars on beautiful fabric, but don’t consider thread as an important part of the construction equation.

Thread has a life span. It wears out. If your thread label reads 35ยข you can safely throw it away. If it breaks easily when you grab it between yours hands and give a quick snap, into the trash it goes. If it is exposed to dust and light it will degrade faster.

Do yourself a favor and “splurge” on fresh thread. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy sewing!




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  1. I so agree. And if the thread is on a wooden spool, or that white “foamy” stuff also throw away (these are all code for old thread!)

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