Quick Tip Tuesday: Perfecting Collar Points

Do your collar points look like basset hound ears, or maybe rounded, thick, blobs of fabric? I have tried poking collar tips with a point presser, pulling with hemostats, and plenty of other methods. They all have their place, but my favorite trick that works especially well on cotton shirt collars is a simple needle and thread.

1.  Thread a needle with about 12-18 inches of thread, and “double” the thread but do not tie a knot in the end.

Creating perfect collar points by Sew Maris

2.  Next push the needle into the seam very close to the collar tip, coming out through the seam on the opposite side of the collar.

Creating perfect collar points by Sew Maris

3.  Grab all 4 pieces of thread and pull gently to work the collar point out.

4.  Repeat if necessary, moving closer to the collar point each time.

Try it! And let me know if you like this technique, too. Or maybe you have one you like even better—please share!

Happy sewing!


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    • This technique works best on light to mid-weight cottons. Not so helpful on heavy denims. Be willing to do it 2-3 times per point too – because you need to pull some out before you can pull out the next little increment. If that makes sense! 😉

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