Quick Tip Tuesday: How to Align Coverstitching

It drives you nuts when you hem a garment “in the round” on your coverstitch machine, and the last few stitches stitches don’t line up perfectly with the beginning stitches, huh? Me too!

How to coverstitch knit hems by Sew Maris

I was hemming a bunch of items the other day, and decided to try marking one of the stitching lines so I could have an alignment guide to help me “join up” the coverstitch. I was using a 3-thread coverstitch, so I drew a little line with my Frixion pen on the center row of stitches (in red above). It really helped! I was able to tweak my alignment so the join was much better.

What tricks do you use to get your coverstitch “join” to line up nicely?

Happy sewing!

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    • I have a clear foot too, which makes it much easier to line up the final stitches.

      I’m hoping you’re going to cover how to avoid the dreaded uneven stitches at thick seams when coverstitching – I’ve started loosening the pressure on the foot and going really slow but it still turns out so ugly! Also, how do you knot-off your coverstitch threads? I must be doing it wrong because after a few wears/washes mine have started to un-tie and ravel.

  1. Am going to try the Frixion pen as my joins always looks horrible. I have found that starting the coverstitch about 1″ before or after the seam also helps – maybe putting the 2 tips in use will get the right result.

  2. I am one of the lucky ones with a clear presser foot too, it really helps! I am curious to know how you finish your coverstitching too. Right now I knot the threads at the end, is there another way?

    • I’ve heard teachers online say you can just cut them off but I think they can unravel. I pull the starting threads to the inside and tie a knot before I go over them at the end of the hemming. I tie a knot for those threads as well. So far, I haven’t had anything unravel.

      • Those coverstitch tips on Debbie Cook’s “Stitches and Seams” blog site are perfect. She shows how to end a hem sewn in the round by pulling the threads forward and clipping. Then the machine pulls them to the wrong side. It’s perfect. I’ve never had any raveling. Also, I’m a sworn Bernina girl, but my Babylock Coverstitch machine is a marvel. I’ve never had those skipped stitches when crossing a seamline. THANK YOU for the Frixion pen tip. I’m gonna try that today!

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