Quick Tip: Get that tape above the girls

Do you have trouble with an excessive amount of fabric in your blouses, tops and the upper area of your dresses? Try taking your high bust measurement and using that number for the “bust” measurement listed on patterns. Particularly if you are very large busted, this measuring technique can help fit your bone structure more accurately than measuring across the fullest part of your bustline. If necessary, you can also do a FBA on your pattern to get needed room over the girls, but this approach may help reduce the excessive fabric across your upper chest and shoulder area. Try it!

Full frontal view:


Side view:


Happy sewing!





4 Responses to Quick Tip: Get that tape above the girls

  1. Great tip, Maris. This is also good for us girls who have, well, “small girls.” Ha! Many blouses are designed for fuller busts than the one I was graced with. Checking this measurement will prevent extra poofiness where I don’t need it.

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