Sequins are a (little) girl’s best friend

Sometimes after a prolonged preoccupation with shirt-making, a 15 minute sewing project is welcome.

Easy sequin pull-on skirt by Sew Maris

I give you the pull-on sequin skirt. Best for little girls, tho maybe under the right circumstances….. 🙂

Last week I saw a cutie-pie in the grocery store wearing a sequin skirt with her rain boots, and knew my boot-wearing-granddaughter (who loves all things sparkly, princess-y, and jewel-like) would totally lose her mind to have one just like it. True confession: I have NEVER sewn on sequined fabric before. (Tho you can barely call the wimpy-netting-sequin-y stuff fabric.)  True confession: I bought this stuff at Jo-ann Fabrics. Not my fave fabric store. True confession: I never made anything so frivolous and impractical for my daughters. Something I now greatly regret and am trying to make amends for with my grand.

Easy sequin pull-on skirt by Sew Maris

Easy-peasy quick sew. I cut the fabric using an almost-ready-for-a-new-blade rotary cutter so the sequins didn’t dull a fresh blade instantly. Stitched up the one seam using a triple zig-zag stitch. Don’t ask me why—it just seemed like a good idea! Made a circle of purple fold-over elastic and used the same triple zig-zag stitch to attach to one end of the skirt tube, thereby making it the skirt waist.

Done and done. Nope, no hemming. No finishing of any kind. Fifteen minutes and it was all over but the photographing. Shirley (my dear mom, my first sewing teacher, and the goddess of sewing perfection) is definitely rolling over in her grave. 😉

The cutie I saw wearing the inspiration skirt styled it with leggings underneath, a  knit top, and rain boots. So Pacific Northwest! If I can capture my DGD wearing this skirt I will be sure to grab a snap or too for photo evidence.

I definitely recommend this skirt for a quick palate-cleansing sewing project. Have you ever sewn a sparkly sequin garment for a little girl? For yourself? It was so.much.easier than I thought it would be! Maybe there are some sparkles in my future, too. 😉

Happy sewing!




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