Up Your Shirt-Making Game

You can make a nice, tailored shirt for your man (or yourself!)……

Tailored mens shirt by Sew Maris

or you can make a damn great SHIRT!

Tailored mens shirt by Sew Maris

It’s all in the details, isn’t it? Love that contrast fabric on the inside of the cuffs and collar stand.

Tailored mens shirt by Sew Maris

Ohhh, check out that perfectly matched pocket. With contrast piping. And the upper pocket edge set on the bias. And lower pocket edge shaped to mimic the cuff edge diagonal shape.

Tailored mens shirt by Sew Maris

Love how a bias yoke looks on plaid shirts!

This navy/burgundy/royal plaid is by far my favorite made-by-me shirt. I had such fun designing all the little touches that make this shirt one-of-a-kind, and I really hoped my son would like it, too. I sent both the navy plaid and the black/grey stripe to him for his birthday in February, and he loved them both! The stripe is perfect for appearing in court (he’s the attorney, not the defendant! 🙂 ), and the plaid for grabbing a beer and pizza after work with his girlfriend. Win/win!

(BTW – don’t men’s shirts look funny on women’s dress forms? What’s a gal to do tho? None of my guys are very willing models,  and neither of my sons live close by either. So, ignore the, ummm,  shaping. 😉 )

Happy sewing!


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