Shirt Marathon January 2015

It’s no secret around here—I LOVE making shirts. I had been promising my youngest son new shirts for months, and I finally had the time to make this project happen. Lots of blue-ness here, and one white-on-white basic.


It is possible I cut these shirts out a looooong time ago. Like sometime last summer ago. And in my mind I had fused all the interfacing to the appropriate garment pieces, but evidently that was only a figment of my imagination. Damn it. To be faced with 4 shirts, ALL of which needed interfacing fused (especially when you thought that heinous task was already done), was not the optimal start to this project. Thank God for NPR! Gets me through a lot of unpleasant sewing jobs.


I sewed these babies production style, meaning I completed each step on each shirt before proceeding to next step. I sewed FAAAAAAST! For a while I tracked the amount of time I invested in this project, but as usual, I forgot to keep it up. Oh well. Pretty sure I started sewing, damn it, I meanfusing December 26th. I shipped them to DS in Spokane yesterday, January 2, so I guess they qualify as my first completed sewing project for 2015. W00t!

Mens Dress Shirts by Sew Maris

Ohhh, nice topstitching and buttonholes (despite this pix, there is no gap in the zig-zagging!). And yes I did sew on all 36 buttons by hand, because for the life of me I am totally incapable of sewing a button on by machine that doesn’t look like a total piece of crap. Movie marathon for that task!

I wish I had a great pix of at least one of them on the lawyer-boy’s personal self. You know, dressed up and heading to court and all. But that might have to wait until he comes over to the west-side for a hearing or some such thing, or I pay him a visit in the ‘kane. At any rate,  I am super happy with how they turned out, and I hope he is as well.

Happy sewing!


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  1. Wow Maris!! I love making shirts too and am about to embark on an Archer marathon. I just picked out, washed and ironed all my fabric and now I am getting retting to cut!
    These shirts look great! Your son is a lucky guy!

    • Thanks Heather! Be sure to check out all the Archer sew-along posts – loads of tips in there. And some you need to know about BEFORE cutting. Have fun!!!

  2. These look great. I cannot get good buttons sewn on the machine, but sometimes I do it just to get done. They always look horrible. By hand, mine usually rip the fabric or the button before they come off. I definitely prefer hand sewn. So do my guys.

    • Thanks Annette! I have tried a couple of times to sew a button on by machine – just doesn’t work for me. Give me a glass of wine,a good movie, and I will happily sew them on by hand! 🙂

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