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One of my darling students, Elena, is a beginning sewist with a definite sense of style and a precise approach to sewing. She is such a fast learner, AND a fast stitcher! I love it when students sew fast—it shows me they are definitely the boss of the sewing machine.

Elena is busy these days working on a pretty new apron. I love the main fabric she selected for this garment—all my favorite garment colors. I think this pattern is adorable too, and it makes me think maybe I should add a fresh apron or two to my tired old collection. Wait—I really only have 1 apron. Guess that isn’t much of a “collection”.

Anyway, back to Elena’s project. Like most patterns, this one includes some techniques that are transferable to other garments as well. Like the ruffled edge around the hem. And turning the bodice edges under twice and topstitching. Lots of applications of this hemming technique on other garments and in other places. Elena also chose to use French seams on the apron skirt to enclose the raw edges. Nice touch!

 McCalls apron pattern and fabric

Elena is a star student in my book, because she only likes to work on techniques she doesn’t understand during our lesson time. Otherwise she sews independently at home. Awesome! Here she is working on gathering the ruffling to be applied to the bottom of the apron. Aren’t you just itching to see the final product?

Elena stitching apron ruffling   

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen


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