Boundless creativity results in PJs and “uglies”


I am constantly amazed by kids – their creativity, attention to details, and the unique ways they approach the art of sewing – sometimes I learn as much as they do! Yesterday was one of those days. I spent most of the morning sewing with my special pal, Jodie. She has her own sewing machine (thanks to her sweet grandma!), and we planned a simple pajama pant project to help her get more comfortable using her machine without adult help (subtext = her totally awesome mom is not that helpful in the sewing department 😉 ).

Well, make pajama pants we did. But since I had needed to trace off a pattern in her size before she could get started, Jodie decided to make a few “ugly dolls” while she was waiting on me. She had brought one along that she made earlier, and I thought these small dolls would make the perfect “pocket treasure” for the Dresses ‘Round the World project. Sweet Jodie offered to show me her process, and make 6 dolls to go with my completed dresses.

I let her go thru my scrap basket for any fabrics she wanted to use, and after finding some rayon velvets and cottons, she got started. All I supplied was a little scrap fabric and batting for stuffing – she supplied all the creativity and energy to get the work done.  I think they are just ador-a-belle, and it’s easy to imagine the pleasure they will give little girls without much to call their own. Awesome work, Jodie!


Oh yes, we did finish her green leopard print pajama pants, too. But the highlight of the day for me was learning how to make ugly dolls from my favorite ten year-old. Thanks for the great sewing time, Jodie!


Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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