Total obsession

If you are have my Singer 500 Rocketeer, puh-leeze contact me so I can arrange to come get her IMMEDIATELY! And yes, I do want all her beautiful accessories – especially the ruffler and buttonholer because they are so awesome.  I won’t be mad if you scratched or scraped her a bit while you were using her, but if you broke anything, there will be some serious consequences. Very serious. 

It is OK to contact me anytime of day or night with to let me know where she is and how I can get her. I am not sleeping anyway, so never mind the time. Just let me know where she is, and when I can come pick her up. If she is in good condition, all will be forgiven. A reward of up to $200 will be offered for her safe return.

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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