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It does seem rather shocking, but there is a new sewing machine in my studio. Specifically, a machine that is not a Bernina. Most of you probably know I am a dedicated Bernina gal, having owned a variety of models for the past 40 years. But I need a machine I can recommend that is at an acceptable price point for a broader segment of parents.

Janome DC 2014 for Sew Maris studio

Loads of you have commented on how much you love your Janome machines, and I also have several friends in my local ASG chapter who own and love Janome machines. Oddly enough, I don’t think I have had a single student come through my studio in the past 3 years with a Janome. Plenty of Brothers, and Singers, but no Janomes.

So this morning I sped out to Issaquah Sewing and Vacuum to meet with Eddie Schultz and find out firsthand about this brand. I told him I was interested in a machine that was appropriate for new sewing students, and was an alternative to the Bernina price tag without sacrificing quality.

Janome DC 2014 for Sew Maris studio

Eddie had one thing to say: Janome DC2014. Easy to operate. Plenty of metal components under the hood to ensure quality engineering. Enough decorative stitches to intrigue old and young alike. Needle up/down. Variable needle position. A buttonhole modeled after the Bernina same-direction satin stitch technique, plus a keyhole buttonhole. Comes standard with a bunch of feet, including a walking foot. Runs smoothly and quietly. Direct current motor that ensures full power to the needle regardless of the speed of the machine.

Janome DC 2014 for Sew Maris studio

All of this for only $499? Wowsers! I bought 2. I haven’t had a chance to test drive it myself, but one of my young students did the honors today. Let’s just say she has experienced her first love at the age of 11.

Happy sewing!






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  1. We have this one at the school – very well received – the other one to check out is Viking Emerald. Solid!!!

  2. thanks for the review! i have a feeling when i upgrade my machine it’ll be a janome. even though i sew practically every day, i have a hard time justifying the bernina price tag!

  3. Wow, what a machine! I have a basic Janome (the Magnolia 7318, a simple mechanical) and it’s served me really well. This sounds like a lovely upgrade option if I ever need to do that! Love the sound of a keyhole buttonhole!

  4. I was always a dedicated Singer girl. Unfortunately, Singer quality has dropped considerably. I tried out Bernina’s at two quilt stores near me, and I really wanted to love them, as many of my friends sew on them. But I didn’t. Not only that, I could not get what I was looking for at a price I could afford. I went to a sewing machine store near me, told them what I was looking for and they sat me down in front of a Janome 6600. I pulled out my quilting, and proceeded to sew for nearly an hour. I loved the machine, but I wanted to think about it a bit more. I told them that, and their response was “would you like to take one home with you to sew a bit more?” Naturally, I said yes, thinking I was getting a demo to try. They told me to pull my car around to the back of the store, and came out with a brand new, still in a sealed box Janome 6600. Icould keep it for a week, and let them know at the end of the week. Needless to say, I went back four days later and paid for it. I love, love, love this machine. Heavy, so when I’ve got the pedal to the metal, it doesn’t jump around on my table. Automatic thread cutter, push button sewing, walking feet, lots of quilting feet, etc, second motor for bobbin winding. I could go on and on.

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