A variation on “plays well with others”

Sewing is often a solitary experience, and since I am pretty darn far to the right on the not social at all — > can’t be by myself for more than 15 seconds scale, I like to think up ways to sew with others.  I think of it as a natural extension of “plays well with others” when you can “sew well with others”. 🙂

So, I teach private lessons. I go on sewing retreats with my geek-y sewing friends. I take sewing classes. Now I am thinking about starting an informal sewing circle. Say, for about 3 hours on lazy Sunday afternoons. Maybe about once a month. At my house. See, you have to come to me because I have the most toys tools.  🙂

Here’s how I think it might work. I send out an email and say “Hey, come over to my house on XXX date from 2-5. Bring your own project. I will be available to help you if you get stuck. I will give a brief tutorial on XXX topic. First 6 people to reply “I’m in!” get to attend. It’ll be fun, and cookies might also be involved!”

So, what think you? Comments and suggestions welcome. 

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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