A sewing circle “seams” like fun times


Last Sunday’s “sewing circle” was flat-out a barrel of fun. A couple of my younger students and one adult student gathered at my studio for a few hours in the afternoon, and the idea was for each person to work on their own sewing projects independently. Of course, I was available for a little backup help if necessary. 😉


Well, help I did. And so did they!  Jenny helped thread one of the machines that had become unthreaded. Juliette helped Malia work on her coin purse, since she had already used the same pattern and “knew the ropes.”  Malia demo’d how to do a cool decorative stitch on her coin purse project.


There was lotsa cooperation going on. Plenty of creativity. More than a little pride of workmanship. Some pumpkin cake got eaten. Pictures of horses and ponies were shown, and oohed and ahhed over appropriately. Twirly skirts were made.  The zipper went in the hoodie. Trim was pinned to a pillow sham. A coin purse was finished. A dog was petted.

I hope your Sunday was as enjoyable as mine. 🙂

Happy sewing!


Maris Olsen

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