Kids Sew Camp, Day 3

Today was the day to get those American Girl dolls dressed!  The girls made simple elastic waist skirts, and in the process learned how to sew a casing and hem a garment. Seaming? Old news, they have that part down. I finally remembered to take a pix of the finished goods, and I think they look adorable. The girls were happy with the outcome too, which of course is the main objective.

AG Doll skirts

After that quick project, Kris and I helped the girls start assembling their American Girl doll blankets. I had originally thought they could manage a pieced quilt top, but I recovered from that moment of temporary insanity and we opted for a simpler blanket instead. Top, bottom, and a piece of flannel in place of batting. The layering of the fabric I think was the hardest part for them.

Prepping Doll Quilts 2

Prepping DOll Quilts for sewing

Once the fabric rectangles were lined up and pinned the stitching was pretty straightforward. I drew a picture of the stitching sequence, and they all got busy. It was really gratifying today to see how much progress these girls have made in just 3 days. So many fewer machine malfunctions and stitching issues, as well as much more accurate stitching. These girls have definitely acquired some skills!

Sewing Doll Quilts1

Sewing Doll Quilts 2

The blankets were all assembled by the end of today, but still need a bit of tying to hold all the layers in place. That final task will be tackled tomorrow. Wow. This week has really flown by, and next week is going to seem so dull and ordinary when I am back to just a single student at a time. BOR-ing!  😉

I leave you with some girl silliness. Love!

Goofy Skirts pix

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen



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