Kids Sew Camp, Day 2

Tuesday at Kids Sew Camp was pillow+sleeping bag for an American Girl (or other 18 inch) doll. These girls are all pretty obsessed with their dolls, and the doll-focused projects are a big hit. We started the day with a little review of how to start stitching, how to stitch straight, how to turn corners, etc. I seriously could not believe how much the girls remembered from the day before. They were into it!

This shows a little warmup practice before diving into the “real” projects. It is a good idea to make friends with your sewing machine every time you sit down to work on it.

Tuesday warmup

See those large dark rectangles of fabric in the shot above? They are the outside fabric for the sleeping bags, and the lines are chalk lines I drew for the girls to quilt the batting layer to the fabric layer. Yep, these beginning sewists actually QUILTED THEIR OWN FABRIC.

After they finished the quilting step, I trued up their quilted piece and the flannel for the inside layer, while they made matching flannel pillows. Wouldn’t want their dolls to lay their heads on the hard campground, after all! They started by stitching the two rectangles together, leaving an opening for the stuffing, and then hand-stitched the pillows closed. There were four corners to pivot – not easy!

Tuesday Doll pillow

Tuesday doll pillow pivoting

Tuesday concentration

I know it is totally lame that I keep forgetting to get shots of their actual finished projects – but Kris and I are actually EXTREMELY busy with eight eager, questioning, assistance-needing little girls. It is kind of amazing I am getting any shots at all! Here is my sample of what Tuesday’s project – all rolled up.


Wednesday’s projects are again for their dolls – a blanket and gathered skirt. So there will be a little more hand-stitching, plus learning how to make a casing for elastic and machine stitching a hem. Must remember to get FINISHED PROJECT pictures today. Must!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen



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