Summer 2013 Sew Camps: learnings for all

Summer sewing camps have become the new normal around here. Every Monday a new group arrives on my doorstep, excited, eager, and often a little bit nervous too.

You know how it is—that first-day-on-the-new-job feeling. Not too sure if you will measure up, or have anything in common with your new colleagues, or be able to remember the important company policies and procedures. Kids often experience a bit of those feelings on the first day of Sew Camp. Or maybe I should say they do during the first half hour or so of the first day! Kids adjust more quickly than adults, and almost right away they are chatting with their table partner, asking questions, and comparing projects.

These gals are intent on watching one of their pals work on her American Girl Doll Clothes project.

Medina Dolls Clothes gals helping

I love how sweet AND proud these sisters look in the new skirts they made in an Advanced Beginner Camp.

Sister skirts

In early August the morning and afternoon Doll Camp sessions were humming! And so productive!!

AG Doll Clothes August Baseball Ts

AG Doll Clothes Morning

I figured it out. Now I know why teachers stick with their jobs. It’s not because they are highly paid, or their “easy” schedule of working only 6 hours/day and summers off. Nope. It is because there is almost nothing better than watching a kid light up with new-found self-confidence. What a great, great summer 2013 has been. And can’t wait to implement some of what I learned along the way for next year’s camps. Because if you think I am giving up turning on kids to the joys of sewing, creativity, and self-expression, think again, sistah!!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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