10 Lies Sewists Like to Tell Their Husbands about Sewing Retreats


  1. Drinking while sewing is not allowed.
  2. There is no wifi at camp.
  3. Fabric shopping is not possible – after all – retreat is at a summer camp in the mountains.
  4. Lights are required to be out at 10:00 p.m. every night.
  5. I don’t want to be away from you for the weekend, but since I am a board member I am required to go on retreat.
  6. No snacking between meals allowed, so it will be easy to stay on my diet.
  7. My cell phone has no service at the camp.
  8. There is a prize for the person who sews up the most fabric from their stash over the weekend.
  9. I will finish your <shirts> <pants> <jacket><underwear> before starting any projects of my own.
  10. Of course I’ll be home in plenty of time to make a delicious, home-cooked meal Sunday night.

Ready for the real story? Three days without cooking, cleaning, or household chores, and nothing but non-stop sewing time with all of your best girl friends – that’s what a sewing retreat is all about!

In case it has been more than 15 minutes since your last mouthful – the treat table!

Never enough treats

Yes, ANOTHER red jacket for Evelyn!


I hate Fran. Every stinkin’ thing she makes is beyond adorable. So cute I won’t even show you the darling baby bib she was making here.


Why is Wendy wearing Gaylen’s dress? Oh! Because it matches her socks!

Wendy modeling Gaylen's dress

Susy is so cheerful about making those charity tote bags. Oh, maybe it was really because she got to sit next to me all weekend. 😉

Susy is happy at sewcamp

Molly likes to concentrate while serging.

Molly concentrating while Paula and Saralynsew

How many pairs of scrubs did you make, Judy? Complete with embroidery?

Judy "Scrubs"

My gorgeous, elegant, talented roomie, Virginia!


It’s not that bad, Saralyn. Kate is almost done hammering.


Python pajama top for a 90-something mom, modeled by a much younger Donna. Cool!

Donna modelingPJ top

That’s it until spring, when we tell more lies about the discipline and productivity event known as a Greater Seattle ASG retreat!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen


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