Grainline Archer Sew-Along: Schedule and Buttons

Woohoo! It’s officially time for the Grainline Studios Archer Sew-Along here at Sew Maris!


I took a stab at drafting the blog post schedule, so this gives you an idea of where we are headed. I hope to go slowly enough to make sure we handle questions and issues as they arise, and at the same time make sure to actually finish the shirt. That’s why we’re all in this, right? We need more awesome shirts in our closets!

Archer Sew Along Schedule

Day 1: Fabric & Supplies
Day 2: Selecting Your Size & Assembling Your Pattern
Day 3: Possible Pattern Adjustments (Fit, Collar, Seam Finishes)
Day 4: Cutting & Interfacing
Day 5: Front Plackets (Button Bands) & Pockets
Day 6: Back, View A & B
Day 7: Attaching the Yoke Burrito-style
Day 8: Sleeve Placket: Simple
Day 9: Sleeve Placket: “Men’s” Style Slot Method
Day 10: Inserting Sleeves
Day 11: Assembling Collar & Collar Stand
Day 12: Attaching the Collar Stand
Day 13: Cuffs
Day 14: Hemming
Day 15: Buttons & Buttonholes

I would also just love it if you would post an Archer Sew-Along button on your own blog. Just to shout out how much fun you are having impersonating a shirt-making geek, you know. 😉 You can grab either the 175×175 size, or the more petite 125×125.

Archer Sew-Along by Sew Maris


Archer Sew-Along by Sew Maris


Are you excited about this sew-along? Maybe even a little nervous? Well, truly nothing to worry about. It is only a little bit of fabric. We are going to have fun, and everyone who sticks with it will make a great shirt.

Oh. And one other thing. This is a no whining zone. NO whining about perfection! Making shirts is definitely a “higher level” of sewing, and the main thing that will improve these skills is practice. If this is your first ever shirt, it might not be perfect, but it is going to be awesome. I have loads of tips, and we all have each other. Be sure to join the Facebook group, shout out any questions or concerns, and breathe. We are going to have a blast!!

Do you have your pattern? If not, you can purchase either a PDF or paper pattern Archer from Grainline Studios.

Happy sewing!



13 Responses to Grainline Archer Sew-Along: Schedule and Buttons

  1. Looking forward to it! I grabbed your photo this past weekend and put it on my blog. I haven’t washed my fabric yet! I think I’m going to start with the denim as I believe it will be more forgiving. I’m going to take a closer look at David’s muslin post and measure some of my existing shirts today.

  2. Okay Maris I’m in. Bought my fabric the other day at Josephine’s (Liberty of London print) I now need to download at tape pattern together. Excited to do the project!

    • Perfect! One suggestion – GLUE your pattern pieces together. You will be less irritated at the whole PDF download/assemble process. I use the liquid-y glue tubes. MUCH faster!

  3. I have my fabric(s), interfacing and pattern (not cut yet) – I haven’t looked for buttons yet – I’m sure I have some in my container that I can use.

    I was hoping to get a muslin done before this started, but that hasn’t happened.

    And I just realized that I will be on vacation during the end of the project – so already I’m doomed.

    None of the above should be considered ‘whining’ – just stating the facts!

    • Hahaha Susan! I did not hear whining at all! 😉 Take a look at David’s posts last week about muslining/measuring shirts in your closet – he has some great tips that may eliminate or streamline your need to muslin. And don’t worry about finishing – no matter where you get to in the sew-along before leaving on vacay the posts will be available to help you finish up when you return. It’s all good!

  4. Hmmm… Something tells me my posts have “Read This Later” written all over them (not to mention the dreaded TLDR!) (Or as they used to say around the Threads editorial offices…”Well, THAT was a nosebleed!”

    Sorry ’bout that; unfortunately I think that “more is better” is just how I roll…

    Have fun sewing Archers, all! I’ll definitely be following the posts with great interest, and will get to that Men’s Archer sooner or later…

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