Grainline Archer Sew-Along: Back View A

How are things coming along with your Archers, ladies? I am pretty sure we all need to  start showing off a few pictures on our Archer Sew-Along Facebook page.Time to start showing your stuff! 😉

Today’s sew-along is super easy, and will cover just View A of the Archer shirt back. I am not sure how many of you are making View B, but I will cover that back view next.

Honestly, I am actually kind of embarrassed; I don’t even have any tricks for you in this post. 😉

Grainline Archer Sew Along by Sew Maris

With the right side of the back facing up, pleat the back by bringing the notches to the center back, and press to set. Baste across the pleat, stitching about 1/4″away from the raw edge.

Grainline Archer Sew Along by Sew Maris

Now, flip the back over so the wrong side is facing up, and lay one of the yoke pieces on top, wrong side up. You can see in the pix above that the right side of the yoke is against the wrong side of the shirt back.

Grainline Archer Sew Along by Sew Maris

Next, flip both pieces over and lay the second yoke piece on top of the back, right sides together. At this point you have a yoke-back-yoke sandwich. (You can barely see the bottom yoke layer peeking out in the upper right corner of the pix.) Pin the 3 pieces together, and stitch all layers together, attaching the shirt back to both yokes.

Grainline Archer Sew Along by Sew Maris

Press the outer yoke upwards, and temporarily fold the inner yolk down toward the shirt hem. Topstitch the outer yoke, keeping the inner yoke free.

Press the inner yoke upwards, and you are done! Not even one template was harmed in this process!

Happy sewing!






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